[HIATUS] Status

I think I'm going to retire this blog for now. I will come back to it in the coming months maybe, but for now, I have a lot to handle. You can find me on Twitter @sothopery, and my other links are on the left side next to this post!


[UPDATE] Discord

I may have shown off a few Minecraft screenshots and talked about my community server a lot. Well I'm here to post a link for it! In this server, we have an event every about 1-2 weeks. It's fairly active, and it's full of artists and the nicest people on Earth. Here's the invitation:


[ART] Teefers

👻 Anthro Teefers 👻

Remember "Teefers" from a while ago? No? Well here's the anthro versions of them! All of them are ready to be your pal.

Yume is a Sleepateefer, so being around them can make you quite drowsy due to their sleeping spores. Perfect for if you need to fix your sleep schedule.

Lulu is the softest one and has a bit of a cattitude, but you should get along if you treat them very well.

Bosu is the shortest, but also the fattest. Their body is like a big gusher full of water... very squishy.

Slop is very gooey. They enjoy hanging out in humid places and leaving a big trail of slime wherever they waddle.

Roen is a little chubby for a Sweepateefer, so they prefer walking on their leaf feet instead of floating around all the time. They're completely made of grass and have a long body.

Pete is made of.. well I'm not sure what Pete is made of. It's sort of like a fluffy dirt. I assure you they're soft and huggable.

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone! I've been dealing with a lot of personal things. For instance, I got a girlfriend, I've also been working on commissions, and I've been doing things for my community server. I'll update you on those things hopefully soon~!


[ART COMP] Aweomse

Aika is awesome

High-detail lemon

Pokey is people now

Cheese man


[ART] Creeper

💥 Creeper 💥

It's your favorite exploding friend, the Creeper!

This drawing was an absolute challenge due to the perspective, but I managed to pull through! I encourage all of you beginner artists to challenge yourself with something you struggle with.


[UPDATE] My week!

It's been a while since I've posted here! Let's update y'all...

Dungeon Crawler

    You may recall last month that I posted two songs that I made. Those songs are for a game I've been working on with my friend Ein Baum. It's about a little rabbit named Glitch who fell into a dungeon while trying to burrow. I've learned from my mistakes in trying to make other games in the past, so I'm going to take this one slow and secretive. It's very much a "for fun" game, which is a game we're making just for funsies, since I don't have much goin' on in my life right now.

What I've been up to

I've been watching Adventure Time for like, 4 days straight. I just finished binging it yesterday! It was nice, and I seem to have absorbed a little bit of its art style.

My commission prices have been reduced to 25 dollars. I have a few takers already! Scroll down to see my contact info or look at the side bar links~!




[ART] Pipe Trio

🚽 Pipe Brothers 🚽

[Description coming soon!]


[ART COMP] Assorted Pokey

Pokey in a boot. A boot pokey.

Pokey... but he is "SOY"

A long pokey. He can have as many segments as he wants, he just needs to grow them first.

Pokey is planting himself.

Pokey is... confused.

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[MUSICKS] Creatures Lurking

I think I'm on a roll. Here's a sequel to the last song!

Song Title:
Creatures Lurking

-----> Link to the song <-----


[MUSICKS] Life in the Dungeon

I have created. MUSICKS. Please listen!

Song Title:
Life in the Dungeon

-----> Link to the song <-----


[UPDATE] Absence

I haven't been able to post to this blog too often, but it's not going to ever die! I swear! I've been a lot more active on Twitter lately due to me being in a very social mood~ I love you guys, sorry for not posting here in 3 days.


[UPDATE] Minecraft Island Opado

To those who donated and boosted the fundraiser yesterday, thank you very much.
My friend is safe right now. I will post updates on the situation occasionally.
I've been playing Minecraft again lately. A solo world this time, full of islands!

My life has been made tough because I chose to live on a tiny taiga island. The animals are really noisy and peek into my window sometimes. It's annoying, but strangely cute. I'm constantly low on resources because I don't take mining trips. I'm considering finding someone to join me on this adventure, but right now, I want to be alone on this island.

If you'd like to try out this mod-pack, here's a link to a download! It's fabric 1.19.2, and if you want, you can add me on Essentials. My username is "Soth"


[FUNDRAISER] Friend Homeless

This is a very important post

My friend is homeless right now and could use a donation to help them afford food, bills, and other necessities.

---> Link to the Fundraiser <---

If you cannot donate, please spread around the following Twitter post:

---> Link to the Twitter Post <---


[ART] gay

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🩸 Blood Box Gays 🩸

These are enemies from an old project of mine. Crazy there on the left is totally gay for this plant barista.


[PLANS] My plans for this blog

You may have noticed that I mark my posts with many different tags, such as [ART] and [MEDIA]. Well I have plans for more tags coming soon!~ Here are some I want to try out:

Where I show off underappreciated artists to you, letting you check out what they do and show you all the places where you can see their art.

I just rant about things I love (or hate)

I post a character I like, with or without context.

Yeah, I rant about character design philosophy a lot; it's gotta go somewhere.


[ART] Paper Reddy

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📝 Reddy ala Paper Mario 📝

This was my second attempt at a Paper Mario style. Each part of Reddy here is separated, which means this can potentially be animated just like in the games... of course, I won't, because that's a lot of work, and I want to do it on a better model.

I also would like to learn how to make a rig for these too. Hopefully I'll learn soon!~


[GIF] Mnmnmnmn


[ART COMP] RubyInteraction

"Cool it!"

(They are gay)

(That sausage belongs to Aika)


[ART] Farlanders

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🧀 A Farlander Glow-Up! 🧀

These are my Farlander characters, Aika, Soth, and Cher. They're in the same world as the mushroom dwarves.

I'm always left unsatisfied with these guys' designs, even now. Aika specifically is tough to get right because I want people to take a good look at them and think: "that's a big dork."

I feel like Soth is the one I'm the most satisfied with; they have no mouth due to their quiet nature, but short temper. (I also like their big stompers)

Cher is also close to being satisfactory, but I gotta make them fruitier for sure.

I've been thinking of renaming their world from RubyDungeon to RubyLands. What do you guys think?


[ART] Mushroom people redesign

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🍄 A Mushroom Glow-Up! 🍄

These are my mushroom dwarf characters, named Morel, Ergot, and Fudge. They're a cute bunch of mushrooms who survive out in the wild.

They got a glow-up since the last time I drew them. The designs are pretty much perfected now, at least in my eyes. I just need to get the colors down.

Also, if you're wondering what they specifically smell like:
Morel smells like sweat and moss; Fudge smells like a bake sale ❤


[ART] Ghost?

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👻 It's Ghost! 👻

It's Brennan's character... (I'm actually not sure if they have an official name)
It's my first time messing with gradients. I'm trying to go for the Paper Mario style~!
I'm sure I'll improve it later on.


[POKEY] Pokey




Sorry for the lack of posts!

    I've been busy playing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It's my first time playing through, and it's fun, despite me knowing most of the story beats already. I made it all the way to Chapter 5 before stopping, and I will continue my playthrough tomorrow. I will talk about my thoughts on the game so far (Spoiler-Free!!):

    All the character designs in this game are either creative twists on existing Mario enemies or new designs that fit into the world. The art style of this game is like a comic book, and it's just lovely. The animations are inspiring me for sure~

    The battle system and balancing are very well-thought-out aspects of this game, and it's fun finding out how to do all the actions. Also, I'm not an expert, but the Quake Hammer Badge is extremely useful for battles. Also, you should never underestimate your partner!

    My ONLY gripe with this game is the backtracking... It's not that bad... there's just a LOT of it. If you play this game, expect a lot of it, but otherwise, it's very fun and I definitely get why it's a lot of peoples' favorite in the series. Personally, Super Paper Mario is still my favorite for its story and music, but who knows, that might change by the time I finish this game~


[UPDATE] Comment Andy

Feel free to leave comments on my posts!


[DOODLES] Aika Redesign

Today I brainstormed ways to make drawing Aika easier.

It did not go too well at first, but eventually I landed on a design I was happy with~!

Ta-da~!! It's Aika, based on early designs. Featuring the classic angular head, which gives the illusion of 3D. I also decided to redesign their legs because I found them very hard to draw, so I gave them a sort of "elephant stump" foot, because they deserve tha big stompers. Later on, I may even make them lankier, but this is good for now. Aika has officially returned to pure dork mode.



I saw a post on Twitter about the movie "Lupin III: The First," and my ADHD kicked in and decided to watch it. VERY good movie, the animation was phenomenal, as advertised. I recommend watching it yourself.


[ART] Cher Doodles

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⛏️ Cher Doodles (feat. Cher, the Miner) ⛏️

Cher is mute, but very literate. They work as a miner and occasionally dabble into gem and magicks research.


[UPDATE] Minecraft!

 Me and my friend played a lot of Minecraft, here's some images!

Our house

Dining area and kitchen

[Closer look]

Inside the kitchen

JIMA the Monk and TORO's Death Shrine

Inside our house



[ART] Gay Mushrooms

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🤍 Ergot and Morel are holding stumps 🤍

Ergot lazes around all day and is very oblivious, while Morel does all the hard work. Morel hates them for that, but they can't deny that Ergot has a cute personality.